Customized lesson

Learning Chinese (Mandarin) in customized progressive method based on conversation, writing and grammar sinogrammes. The theme is based on daily life or to business situations. I adapt my approach based to each student, emphasizing the practical aspect of the language.

The intensive class: weekly of monthly according to the desired level of language, an intensive class for one person may be considered. This intense learning method, given a relatively short period allows for in record time a strong foundation in Chinese language (Mandarin). Personalized assistance and adequate support are offered to the trainee.

Rates :

1 hour (60 minutes) 30 hours 40 hours 50 hours
1 hour free 2 hour free 4 hour free

The group lessons (mini groups)

The practice of language in the form of discussions and readings let all students participate and facilitate the reinforcement of the learning. This method based on oral practice achieve great progress.

In order to learning better and enable every student to speak in class, you're in small group of 3 to 6 people.
If you are a beginner, initiated or confirmed, please contact me to organize a group for you.

The "Inter-Company" Small Group
If you want to give a training for group of employees in Mandarin to expand a branch of your company?
If you need to meet Chinese partners, I can prepare you to throught role-playing. This collective approach and flexible plan, brings you all the keys to communicate in Chinese in short time. I will assist you to target your learning objectives based on your business needs. A pace of work adapted to the demands of your business is set up (choice of day, number of hours allocated to the current frequency).

Rates (group of 2 peoples) :

1 hours (60 minutes) 30 hours 40 hours 50 hours
1 hour free 2 hour free 4 hour free

Rates (more than 2 peoples):

1 hours (60 minutes) 30 hours 40 hours 50 hours
1 hour free 2 hour free 4 hour free
Remedial class

Besoin d’aide en chinois ?

Vous avez du mal à retenir les caractères chinois ?
La grammaire chinoise c’est du « chinois » pour vous ?
Vos sinogrammes ne ressemblent pas à ceux des Chinois ?
Nous pouvons vous aider !

Grâce à nos programmes adaptés à vos difficultés en chinois, nous pouvons vous assurer une meilleure compréhension du chinois à l’écrit et à l’oral. Avec plusieurs heures de cours par semaine en plus de vos cours habituels, votre niveau de chinois s’améliorera de manière exponentielle.
Nos exercices pratiques, nos mises en situations et nos explications vous permettront de mieux retenir le vocabulaire et la grammaire chinoise.

Ces cours sont destinés à des étudiants qui débutent leur apprentissage, afin d’enrichir leurs bases en chinois.

En général, les cours de soutien concernent ces trois livres utilisés dans beaucoup d'écoles à Bruxelles:

  • le "New practical chinese reader (npcr)",
  • le "Nouveau manuel de chinois pratique",
  • le "Méthode de chinois premier niveau d'Isabelle Rabut".

Nous possédons aussi une bibliothèques extensive en livres d'apprentissage de chinois pour pouvoir vous aider dans vos difficultés.

Nous mettons tout en oeuvres pour la réussite de votre examen de chinois !

Tarifs :

1 heure (60 minutes) 30 heures 40 heures 50 heures
1 heure gratuite 2 heures gratuites 4 heures gratuites
* En cas de déplacement à domicile, veuillez demander un devis.

Available everywhere in Belgium : Phone class

Teaching by phone is particularly effective in terms of memory, concentration and enables optimal management of participant's time.

Flexible: the participant determines his/her trainer with the schedule according to their availability and without transportation. The teacher call his home or workplace. Saving the time of commuting.

Available throughout Belgium!

Besides, this formula can work on specific skills through real scenarios: self-presentation, ask the way, making appointments, shopping, commercial solicitation, negotiation... With ongoing program of 1 to 5 times per week and deliberately limited to 30 minutes, the learner takes full advantage of his time and concentration can overcome the fears associated with phone use in a foreign language.

Half-hour (30 minutes) 10 half-hours 20 half-hours

Translation to Chinese or from Chinese

Need to translate a page, a document, a promotional folder or a menu?

For documents translation, go to the Chinese translation page